The Garage Project

As you can see, this garage is a disaster area. It looks like pigs live in here! Actually, pigs do live in here -- can you see Charlotte sleeping in the bottom left corner of the first picture? My shed should be complete by the end of May and at that time, I will be moving all this extra stuff out of the garage. Construction will then begin.

I already put up a few pieces of pegboard and some shelving on the left side of the garage. The final plan is to have the entire garage lined with white pegboard, and nicely trimmed with molding. I will be putting wooden shelves along part of the right wall, and will build a nice work table so that I can attach my miter saw to it. The work table will be handy for any future woodworking tasks I may have. I plan to hang as much as possible on the walls, and put the remainder on the shelves. This should help me reclaim the garage floor space.

Because Porkchop and Charlotte sleep in here, I will be building them a small "pig house" within the garage to give them some privacy and keep their area a bit neater. They prefer hay to sleep on, but I don't want to store hay in the garage, so they will have to be happy with comforters and their "blankies".

This picture was taken on June 26, 2004. I'm not through yet, but the garage sure does look alot better. Also, say hello to Porkchop and Charlotte!

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