Penny's Story

"Penny on the day that we rescued her"

Penny, a little shihtzu mix, was rescued in November of 1999 from a local animal shelter. She was approximately 9 months old and only about 5 pounds.

"A closeup of her skin taken on the day she was rescued"

Penny was taken to our veterinarian the same day we adopted her from the shelter. His diagnosis was grim. She was suffering from deep pyoderma, flea anemia, and demodectic mange. In addition, she had a nasty upper respiratory infection which she had caught during her stay at the shelter. We were sent home with a grocery sack full of goodies--antibiotics, skin supplements, special shampoos, vitamins, mitaban dip and ivermectin.

"Penny on December 22, 1999"

Most of Penny's hair fell out after we initially bathed her. During the coldest days of the winter, we dressed her in a bright red sweater. Her personality slowly blossomed. She was no longer the lethargic, pitiful soul she once was. She had become a happy, playful little pup who shivered from excitement whenever she received attention.

"Another shot taken on December 22, 1999"

This closeup shows the same area of her skin as the above photograph. Her skin was healing and the hair slowly growing back.

"Dr. Viz and Penny, January 22, 2000"

By January, Penny had improved so significantly that her veterinarian did not even recognize her!

"Penny, March 11, 2000"

Penny's skin had healed and her hair had grown long again. It was time to find her a new home. She was adopted on March 18 by a wonderful woman who had adopted another shihtzu from us three years ago.

"Penny with her new family"

Penny has been renamed "Cookie" by new family. Here she is with her Aunt Kimmie!

"Cookie, picture taken in May, 2000"

Here's another picture of Cookie. Look how much longer her hair has grown!

"Cookie and Shadow"

Here's a picture of Cookie playing with one of her new canine buddies.

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