The Retaining Wall Project

The dogs have totally trashed my backyard, as you can see. In addition to the dead grass, I am also faced with a steep sloping yard. The next big project after completing the shed and the garage, is to build a retaining wall so that I can remove this steep slope. I hope to eventually brick a nice patio and walkway by the house. I do not expect to start this project until late summer or fall of 2004. Wish me luck!

4/19/05 Ė itís been quite some time since my last project. Iíve not quite finished putting up the moulding in the garage, but with the weather getting hot, it was time to start the retaining wall before the temperature got too unbearable. During these last 8 months I have had to deal with 3 hurricanes (yes, 3 of them!), losing my job at Oracle (it was outsourced to India), and starting a new business (Auntie Loriís Pet Sitting Service).

I am building the retaining wall in sections, since Iím afraid the dogs would knock all the dirt down if I tried to dig the entire trench before starting to lay the blocks.

Here is the first visible row of blocks in "section 1" which is about 16 feet long. Although you cannot see it, there is actually another layer of blocks buried beneath the soil.

Section 1 is near completion. Iím not sure which part of this building project is more brutal. Digging up the grass was tough, but moving the piles of dirt seems to be even tougher. These blocks are super heavy. The blocks are on a pallet at the end of my driveway. I put about 12 blocks in the bed of my pickup truck, and then drive the truck up to the edge of the garage. Next I take one block at a time, carrying it through the garage (stepping over Porkchop and Charlotte in the process), go out the side garage door, and place the block in the small wheelbarrow that I borrowed from Mom. When I get 6 blocks in the wheelbarrow I drag it through the soft sand to the back of the house. I have 230 blocks, so that means I must make 39 trips like that!

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