The Shed Project

I started the project in October, 2003. The shed is going to be 12'x12' with a nice high attic area for extra storage. I had a friend who was helping me at this point. The floor is pressure treated pine, placed on concrete blocks that were leveled and then filled with concrete. We built the walls laying flat on the floor, then stood them up when we were done.

Oops, thereís me!

Got the ceiling joists up

Putting up the rafters

Rafters are all done and a couple of wall panels are put up. This was done by the middle of November. It was at that time that my friend quit helping me and I was on my own to finish the shed all by myself!

I didnít take very many pictures between November and February, nor did I have much time to work on the shed. This picture was taken in the middle of February, 2004. You can see that Iíve attached all the wall sheathing and primed it. I had Kellyís boyfriend come over to help me put the OSB on the roof because the panels were too heavy for me to lift. My mom came over and helped me put the tar paper on the roof. That was very scary because the roof pitch is pretty steep. You can see my fly rafters in this picture too. I had to do a little research on the internet to find out what fly rafters were and how to install them. The brown tarp is covering the entrance to keep out the critters during the week, and to keep rain from blowing into the shed.

In this picture you can see that Iíve finally got my fascia boards up. I used pressure treated pine since it was much cheaper than cedar. Unfortunately, this had its drawbacks. The pine boards shrunk pretty badly, and in some cases warped. Hopefully I can caulk up the cracks!

Hereís where I started doing the shingling of the roof. I wasnít sure how to apply roof shingles but I found a video on the internet which stepped me through the entire process, even showing me where to place the nails.

This picture was taken in April. Iíve been so busy on the weekends that Iíve not had much time to work on the shed. However, you can see here where I finished the roofing shingles (looks pretty good, huh?). Iíve also started working on the doors and got all the soffit boards up. The little strips of molding are being used to cover the seams of the plywood. In retrospect, I wish I had purchased the more expensive T-111 siding and used it, but at the time I started the shed, I was trying to hold down expenses.

It's finally done! Next project, the garage....

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